Preparing for Divorce

//Preparing for Divorce

How To Prepare For Divorce


Before planning for divorce, it is a good idea to determine if it is something that you really want. Discussing your marriage problems with a counselor could save your marriage. However, if there is no way that the relationship can be saved, then it can be good to start preparing for divorce proceedings in the following ways:

Look for a lawyer

The lawyer will advise you on the best course of action to take when filing for a divorce. He or she will also be able to determine what kind of outcome you can expect at the end of the case.

Many family law attorneys offer free initial consultations and it may be a good idea to meet with different attorneys before choosing one who will handle your divorce case.


Gather important financial documentation

Documents tend to disappear or become inaccessible after a divorce is filed as your spouse will also need them. Therefore, it is a good idea to get copies of financial documentation as soon as possible. You can either keep these copies in a safe place or give them to your attorney.

Some of the most important documents you should look for include supporting documentation for all your income and your spouse’s income, assets, debts, and expenses.

For example, tax returns, W-2’s, credit card systems, recent paystubs, bank statements, and retirement account statements and bank statements are most helpful. You should also look for copies of the titles to your real estate, real estate tax bills and mortgage statements.

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Consider the financial aspect

If you have made up your mind to file for divorce, think about the financial aspect of it. Are you financially dependent on your spouse? If so, how are you going to handle the consequences? It is important that you think about your immediate financial plans. Speak with a family lawyer to determine if you are entitled to alimony.

Talk to your kids

Do you have children? If so, how will the decision to file for divorce affect them? It is a good idea if possible to sit down with your husband or wife and talk it over with your child or children. Tell your child or children that you and your husband or wife will always be there for them.