FPGA Design Help

//FPGA Design Help

There is an online tutorial that will help you to understand and learn all about simple FPGA Design. This will allow you to run FPGA design on your development board. It will only take you approximately less than one hour to complete this tutorial. This article will provide you with a few of the basic sections that you will learn about.

FPGA Design Flow

When you consider a standard FPGA design flow it will begin with using hardware description language or schematics. You will create a digital circuit that is embedded inside the FPGA. The flow will then proceed through various processes such as simulation, compilation, programming, and verification. The tutorial guides you every step of the way except for simulation.


Though simulation is not covered in this tutorial it is a very important step to learn. The good news is that there are many entire applications that have been devoted to specific simulating hardware designs. There are two different types of simulation of which one is timing and the other is RTL.

RTL Simulation

RTL simulation is a functional process which allows you to verify and check that your code is manipulating the outputs and inputs appropriately. The timing simulation will help you to verify that your design will meet appropriate timing and functions in the device.

Before starting the tutorial the following prerequisites must be met. You are a person who is quite familiar with electronic design automation and digital circuit design. You are someone who understands what FPGA is. Understanding FPGA is a basic criteria because the tutorial will not provide you with the basic concepts of this type of programmable logic.

Also, you should have finished a quick start guide for your development kit which includes having the documentation for installing the required software and determining the development of proper determining work functions.

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